Thee Nikita

Nikita Carter has something to say as a musician/composer, author and actor.

She has a blues drenched, soulful sound that is incredibly expressive and so uniquely her own voice.

She’s been gigging since she was 16, touring in Canada, the USA and Europe in all kinds of genres and with all kinds of collaborators.

Nikita’s been blessed to work with the likes of Wadada Leo Smith, Nicole Mitchell, George E. Lewis, Amina Claudine Myers, Roscoe Mitchell, Fred Anderson, Oliver Lake and Marilyn Crispell.

As a composer she’s written work for a variety of instrumentations from solo piano to saxophone quartet to large ensembles. She performed World Pemieres that include Broken Dreams (Berlin Jazz Festival 2002), Thorsburger (Lisbon’s Jazz em Agosto 2004) and composed and conducted Invocation for S’Unduda (2012 with the Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra) as well as dozens of new works with her bands The NOW Orchestra and Orkestra Futura.

Nikita’s been away but now she’s back and she’s ready to roar again.


Both Sides of the Great Divide

Nikita Carter tells her story about awakening.

At 60 years of age, a series of shattering experiences led to her being broken open to the awareness that she was a trans woman, and she had to make the changes in her life to reflect that truth.

Her life has comprised extraordinary experiences and people throughout, which includes being a musician, composer, educator, Artistic Director, producer, and trans woman.


Thee Nikita by Ian Moar

photo: Ian Moar

Thee Nikita by Chris Randle

photo: Chris Randle